ABYC Certified

Seaworthy Marine Electric carries an ABYC Technical Certification in Marine Electrical. Ask to see our credentials!

What is ABYC and what does that mean to me?

ABYC is an independent non-profit organization that’s been around for 60 years. They specialize in developing safety standards covering systems on boats – including several extensive standards on marine electrical.

Because there is no mandatory certification needed to do marine electrical like there is with land-based electricians, the ABYC has developed a certification process that any marine electrician can get by passing a standardized test based on industry best-practices as well as ABYC and US Coast Guard regulations.

These days, many boat-equipment manufactures develop their electrical devices to ABYC standards and can also require a certified marine electrician to install it in order for them to honor the warranty. It’s also just a good way to give you some peace of mind in knowing that your boat has been worked on to the best standards in the marine world.


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